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Do you want to eat a more balanced diet? Let’s go!

To optimize the quality of the products we reduce additives, such as colorings and artificial stabilizer and we replace them with spices.

We are also removing EDTA and benzoates from recipes. We recommend the use of rosemary extract, lactic acid, or vinegar to lower the ph.

Everything must always be validated by a dlc validation study. To optimize the taste we do not use flavor enhancers and sweeteners.

We clean up the ingredient lists of everything that is not needed and we minimize the number of ingredients.

We prefer to work with noble raw materials.

We minimize the use of compound ingredients. To develop new recipes we almost always collaborate with chefs.

Our philosophy is that the engineer establishes the recipe validates its stability and safety, the chef brings his touch, optimizes the taste, the texture and guarantees the culinary tradition.

When the recipe is laid down on paper, produced and validated by a consumer panel, we can supervise the supplier in order to help them carry out their labeling in relation to RE 1169/2011 which may be subject to interpretation.

Finally if the production site is not certified according to a standard recognized by the GFSI we can help the supplier to upgrade it in order to pass its certification often imposed by the Distributor.