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Jannine & Family is a new Brussels-based brand offering local products, containing organic and healthy ingredients and applying the rules of corporate social responsibility. The aim is to help consumers eat better for their health as well as to help the planet by consuming locally and with respect for people.


The range includes :

  • THE ORANGE SOUP: based on pumpkin, carrot and red pepper with a little orange juice
  • THE GREEN SOUP with green peas, celery, chervil and various herbs
  • THE GOLDEN SOUP: with leeks, white onions and a touch of miso
  • THE WHITE SOUP: with chicory, Jerusalem artichoke, stewed apples and some spices





The taste of soups is enhanced by the natural ingredients. Made only with vegetables, herbs, sometimes real fruit for added flavour and spices, these soups are a truly enjoyable meal.

Finally, with local production, Jannine & Family offers 100% bio, GMO-free and gluten-free products. The products are unprocessed and therefore contain no colourings, preservatives or flavour enhancers.


They are available in Belgium in all Delhaize shops and on the website www.delhaize.be.

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