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Belgian drink, natural, health oriented but also festive and therapeutic.

Range of drinks 100% ORGANIC, 100% herbal, with natural flavors, without coloring. Low in calories (16 kcal / 100 ml) and low in sugar (4g / 100ml, organic cane sugar).

Functional drinks: antioxidant, energizing and detoxifying

Natural plant extracts (guarana, ginseng, acerola, acai berries, linden sapwood, ginger, prickly pear) used for health effects:

  • Guarana: natural source of caffeine
  • Ginseng: good for digestion and detoxifying and stimulating
  • Acerola: natural source of vitamin C
  • Acai berries: antioxidants
  • Linden sapwood: stimulates the liver
  • Prickly pear: stimulates the liver

Available in 3 varieties.


Available on their website as well as on www.greenweez.be, certain organic stores and Parapharmacie.