You are a Producer of good and healthy food and you wish to sell your products in Benelux, France or Germany?

We offer different services to enable your company to enter the specific market.  We understand that – like a lot of companies – your idea often is to work directly with distributors. Honoring this idea, we see us as your “extended export department” and assist you in facing the challenges in a foreign market as an intermediate that is familiar with the different cultures.

Understanding this normal development, Good&Food decided to position itself for each product or product range it is working for, as the “extended export department” of its client.


Looking at the distribution of many foreign products it is clear that these products often are listed as one under many hundreds different products and once introduced, the retailer can order himself whenever needed. But very often the distributor will not focus anymore on your desired presentation or even listing of all of your products available.


Market research activities

Screening the market for competitive products, elaborating a price for your product, finding out where to find your key clients, evaluating your marketing material, etc.

Translate your packaging and / or marketing material:

Very often foreign products are translated by non-native speakers which may lead to misunderstanding. Our native German, French and Dutch-Speakers will ensure a correct translation.

In-store presentation

A presentation that is in alignment with your Corporate Identity is not always easy to check from distance. We will ensure your desired presentation and listing of your products.

Advice you on administrative duties

Different countries often impose different laws. We will provide the necessary information and contacts where needed.

Finding a suitable distributor

We will define and find the right distributor for you using our comprehensive knowledge of each market. Once the relationship is established we ensure a productive communication and will be there in case of problems. As we also work with different agents who visit all stores on a regular basis, we can provide the latest market feedback.

Introducing your products

Depending which market you decided to focus on, Good & Food is also working with several big department stores and supermarkets. We will represent your products and manage all initial and ongoing negotiations for you.

Representing your company and presentation of your products on a local trade fair

As we understand ourselves as your extended sales and marketing department, we of course will assist you when it comes to local trade fairs. Esp. when it comes to direct interaction with your clients, the local language is a must.