As we see us as a link between producer, wholesaler, retailer and consumer, our aim is to interact with you as a consumer of good and healthy food.

We provide information on what we consider as good products and healthy eating. Researched articles will give further insights and treat subjects like different allergies, food alternatives and their pros and cons, allergies in relation to environmental pollution and last but not least the connection to vegan and raw food. Feel free to share your information and ideas on those topics. In case you are looking for a specific food or have any questions, please contact us directly.

While taking care of the development of Good&Food, the preparation of healthy food for my allergic kids plays a major role in my life as well. Therefore I decided to share some kids -approved, tasty recipes that we tried at home with you.


In addition to all the information already available on the web, we post researched articles, tips and tricks on how to stay healthy. Some articles with valuable advice are also written by our medical support team!