Good&Food was created to better serve the European Food Market with good and healthy products. The products we care for are mostly organic, free from additives and provide a special benefit for your well-being.

As more and more people discover an allergy or intolerance to certain ingredients or opting for an environmental friendly and healthy lifestyle by belief, we especially look after gluten-free, milk-free, egg- free and other allergen free products.

Good&Food is today part of a family owned business group that consists of several companies involved in different areas. Due to this Good&Food has access to a broad network of specialists whenever needed and contacts in many different areas.

Good & Food was created by Anja Kümmerlein with the desire to do something useful and fun at the same time!
Living in Belgium for more than 12 years and having a son who is allergic to gluten, milk protein and eggs and sensitive to many different chemical products, Anja had to rethink the way of cooking and therefore buying. As a native German she used to buy many allergen free products in Germany as the variety and quality offered was so much larger than in Belgium. Since this is feasible once in a while but quite frustrating on a day-to-day basis she soon was thinking about a way to get these products to Belgium. At the same time more and more Belgian Companies producing allergen free products were and still are entering the market and have a desire to sell their products in Germany.

As an economist and organizational psychologist with a strong background in Market Research and having worked in leading positions in this field for more than 15 years she decided to launch this new adventure in 2014. These activities allow Anja to combine her entrepreneurial skills with the desire to make a positive impact on our life and our environment.

Helene is a trained marketing expert and graduated in communication and advertising. She speaks French, English, Greek, Spanish and Dutch. Knowing a lot of languages helps to communicate and to understand what every client needs and what the market expects.
She worked as an intern and digital executive in Maxus global and started initially as an intern with Good & Food. She is happy to be part of this adventure. Her day-to-day business includes translations for new products, writing articles and recipes that she likes and that she finds very interesting to discover, communicating with our clients and taking care of their orders. Having a good knowledge of new technologies such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many others she is supporting the communication in the Internet world.